Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cat Lady, Hat Lady

I feel like all I wear lately is my preschool-teacher smock and its accompanying drool-and-mashed-potato-caked jeans. Toddlers are messy! and exhausting. When I get home, all I want to do is shower, put on some sweats and go to bed. It was nice to dress like myself for once, ahh.  Also, you can't tell very well in these pictures, but I dyed my hair! it's kinda coppery red.

sweatshirt: thrifted
bandana: thrifted
hat: thrifted
skirt: thrifted
belt: thrifted
shoes: minnetonka
cat lady brooch: stoic + pariah handmade (listed here)

Right after I came back inside from taking photos, we got some crazy sun showers, which resulted in a perfect rainbow! We could see the end of it, right in our yard - but when we tried to run toward it, it just kept getting further away, hahaha. Tricky illustions. Oh, what fun though :) The lighting was amazing. I tried to take some pictures, but it just didn't do it any justice. So we just used our EYES to look at it, haha.

Sometimes I have to resist the urge to record everything photographically, 'cause otherwise I forget to experience it myself, with all my senses, and I start treating it like a memory while it's still happening. Sometimes taking photos helps make something memorable, but sometimes you just have to live it and leave the camera at home. Not all the time - just sometimes. Ya know what I mean?

Anyway. I should probably get out of these wet clothes and change into those sweats now, so I can go watch netflix & fall asleep. I hope you like the outfit! It feels so nice to get out of my grubby work clothes and stop feeling like preschool teacher.


PS: fourth season of arrested development in less than a week! are you guys excited or what?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Fancy Parfait Pancake Stack

This literally came to me in a dream a couple nights ago. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it, so I made it today. I call it: the fancy parfait pancake stack.

The pancakes are made with rolled oats, whole grain wheat flour, almonds, milk & eggs. I put a dollop of blueberry yogurt and a handful of freshly chopped strawberries between every layer. It's pretty darn healthy compared to what I normally eat. It was pretty tasty, too - just like in my dream.

Anyway. We're trying to change the way we eat, and get rid of all our bad eating habits before we start having kids. Diabetes runs in both our families, and heart disease runs in mine, so our future kids are kinda screwed already. I'm so excited for the change! We're taking it slowly so as to not overwhelm ourselves, but we're doing pretty good so far, I think.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Take a Trip: Our stay at Doe Bay

Ahh, Doe Bay. I miss it already. Franklin made a sweet video with the footage we got on our anniversary trip last month. I think video-editing/film-making is becoming his new favorite hobby, heehee. It's so fun to film+edit, and I'm so happy that we have another thing we both enjoy and can share and work on together. Here's the sweet little video he put together:

Location: Doe Bay Resort & Retreat
Music: One of a Very Few of a Kind - Of Montreal

I love capturing video of our adventures - it's like we get to relive our memories every time we watch 'em. I have a bunch of video I took when we lived in California for a short while, and it's so nostalgically satisfying to be able to watch those bits and pieces from that almost-forgotten part of our past. Our memories are fallible and become skewed over time, but video is typically objective and honest, so you can trust it better than your own noggin sometimes. It reminds me of this quote from the movie Slacker, haha.

Anyway, that's all I have to share today. I've been trying to stick to brooch-making this weekend. A shop-owner in Poulsbo contacted me about selling my cat lady brooches in her store, on consignment, so I'm workin' extra hard to get that ready to go. I've never made so many brooches at once before, it's crazy.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Musical Meet + Greet

Last weekend we invited various musician friends to our house to play a song or two, and to discuss how everyone creates their individual noises. 

My primary goal of the night was to gain various perspectives on the music-making process, and document the night with my 8-track, record everything from 2 overhead mics, with 2 separate camcorders (a tablet (horrible video!), and Sony Cybershot (actually not too bad!)), and put everything together throughout the week on Elizabeth's mac. 

...We did everything but the music-making discussion.  Not so bad! But next time, I'm thinking I should probably be a bit more "hostly", and direct the events to hold more discourse.  I think everyone would agree, that was an important aspect that was sorely missing.  We got some sweet footage though, and I had a great time both during the event, and throughout the week, learning how to use imovie.

Meet n' Greet montage
this is a song Elizabeth and I made a while back, that had been on the back burner for a while.  Everyone was kind enough to jump in, and we had a short song with most everyone participating!  We didn't have a whole lot of footage from that performance, so I put together a "teaser trailer" of sorts, to accompany the song.

Leaf Colors
Jeremy came by, and played a few songs!  We weren't able to get much footage from all the songs he played (technical difficulties/rapt attention), but luckily we we able to capture "Tatooine Blues", one of my favorites.  Scotty couldn't stop talking about Jeremy after the night wound down.

Sea Hearts
Justin and Tim got together and wrote this song over the course of 2 practices prior to the Meet!  This kinda has an Iggy Pop turned gansta feel to it.  Haha, I'm excited to hear what they come up with next!

 Red Hot Buckshot
I've known Ben (dreads), since high school, but it was my first time meeting brothers Jon and Jared.  They all played a slew of songs, solo and in a group, but I think this was my favorite.  Jon had this Darby Crash meets Joey Ramone kinda sound that I really dug.  This song has been in my head all week!

stoic + pariah
And finally Elizabeth and I played a song we made about a History Channel series called "Ancient Aliens" haha.  We were kinda obsessed with the show for about a week.  Enough to write a song about it.

I'd like to hold the event again, with maybe more people, and a firmer course towards the discussion of the music-making process.  Less wine for me! Maybe in a month or 2, be on the lookout for a lame documentary-style video(s), based around the musically-inclined friends and acquaintances we have from around the Puget Sound.


Monday, May 6, 2013

Ferry Fotos

What happens when you miss your ferry and get stuck waiting in your car for hours? Ya read a lot, and eat a lot of snacks, and take outfit photos in the car! I probably could have found a sweet rocky beach to take outfit photos, but it was windy, and short skirts + wind are a terrible combination, so I stayed safe inside the hull of my vessel :)

1. Crocheted hair bows I started making. I think I might sell 'em in the shop, and super cheap, 'cause it doesn't take me forever to make them, like the brooches do.
2. A view from the ferry dock.
3. I like wearing lots of brooches at once. It makes me feel like a scout, like I earned a bunch of merit badges or something. I'm wearing a crochet fiend badge of honor (like this one, in the shop), and a pie brooch that I kept from the twin peaks series I did last year.
4. Franklin, finishing up Clash of the Kings. He's so far ahead of me :( Now he's in the middle of the third book, and I can't catch up. Sigh!


Sunday, May 5, 2013

What a Treat! Comics

About 6 years ago, I started making these little one-panel comics about food, and I just realized that I've never shared any of them with you. They're kinda silly, and usually rely heavily on some sort of cheesy pun. Sometimes the joke is in the title. Most of the time, they aren't really very funny to anyone but myself. I haven't made any in several months, but here are a few of my latest comics:

1. "Soda, pop."

2. "Getting Moldy"

3. "Can Keep Secrets"

I've been busy working on brooches this weekend, so I haven't had any time to take any photos for the ol' blog. That is why you are getting a little peek at what a treat! today. haha. I hope you enjoyed it, and maybe even chuckled a little, maybe? I've been meaning to make a few of my old comics into brooches, actually, but I don't know. Maybe!

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