Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Song Makin'

Elizabeth did a cover of a song I wrote about her.
I liked it a lot.  So we combined our forces, thus spawning a new edition, we call, "fancy edition".

Have a listen:


Birthday Shenanigans

About 7 years ago, when we were still just livejournal friends, Franklin mailed me a mix cd that blew my mind. To repay him, I told him I'd make him a mixtape, but I wasn't gonna mail it to him. I WAS GONNA BURY IT! and then mail him a map to the buried treasure.

Long story short, it didn't happen.... until today!

This is what I got Franklin for his birthday:

a birthday compilation for mr. franklin

"magic perfume" charlyne yi
"lightbulbs" moofish catfish
"ten days in my room" moofish catfish
"vampire" antsy pants
"quail" half-handed cloud
"sailing the veil-boat" half-handed cloud
"if you wanna sing out, sing out" tinyfolk
"love makes up the best wishes" paisley
"oso panda" papa topo
"winter '94" henry's dress
"darling, please come home" math and physics club
"meet me by the water" saturday looks good to me
"commit a tiny crime together" kissing party
"oh yoko!" john lennon

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