Monday, October 29, 2012

New Brooches!

Hello, folks! I finally added a couple brooches to the shop! I have a bunch more, but I've had a bit of an issue when it comes to taking photos for the shop: by the time I get home from work, it's dark out! Daylight, what's that? I don't even remember.

Allow me to introduce, the new Kitty Brooches:

(From left to right: Fat Kitty, Knitting Kitty & Bookworm Kitty)

I've only added Fat Kitty & Bookworm Kitty to the shop so far, but I'll be adding Knitting Kitty as soon as I get enough daylight to get a good picture! These brooches all come with a matching "pocket totem" that you can tote around with you for good luck! I like having little trinkets in my pocket or my car for good luck, so I thought it would be fun to start including them with my new brooches.

I also decided to start freshening up the shop with a new look. I'm still in the process of taking new pictures of the older listings, but it will happen eventually! In the meantime, you get a look at my embarrassing hodge podge of a shop.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Feelin' all cozy and stuff

Hooray for grey skies and rain. I've missed this dreary weather, so. All I want to do is read and crochet and drink hot cocoa and go for walks at night in the cold. Freezing cold walks at night are invigorating, and kinda sorta romantic. Oh, and sleep is so awesome, isn't it? I wish I were a bear because hibernation sounds like the best thing ever lately. Though I haven't been feeling very productive, I've been workin' on brooches and hair clips to add to the shop. Slowly slowly, but surely. My goal is to get some new stuff listed this weekend. Hopefully that goes as planned!

What I'm listening to: These Days by Nico
What I'm excited for this week: my sister's moving to Washington tomorrow!


Monday, October 8, 2012

Floral & Teal

Look who joined the glasses-wearin' club. I couldn't see very far driving, and every day was ending with a really awful migraine (my worst enemy). So I got me some glasses, and now I can see. My headaches are way less frequent, which is the most awesome thing ever. Oh yeah, and being able to see while driving on the freeway, is also pretty sweet.

With my new job & Franklin's new job, our weekends have meaning again. This weekend was: thrifting, sushi dates, playing duck hunt using the sweet Konami NES laserscope Franklin found at the thrift store, watching daria, and drinking ovaltine. I have a bunch of brooches I'm workin' on for the shop, and I swore to myself I'd finish them this weekend, but that didn't happen. This weekend was for relaxing. and LOTS of thrift store shopping, yikes. I spent a little too much money, I think. I think the act of shopping-but-not-buying is really fun for me, too. I like to fill up a cart at the thrift store, and then have Franklin convince me I don't need any of it, and then I usually put it all back, hahaha. But the act of putting it in the cart is fun stuff, in my book. What a weirdo.

Franklin and I are going to start carpooling to work with each other starting today! I've never carpooled before. It makes me feel all grown up and stuff. Look at me, all married & carpooling and requiring glasses to drive -what a lady! Anyway, yeah. In other news: I had the girl at the coffee stand make me a pumpkin spice latte, with egg nog instead of milk, and it was AWESOME. I have dubbed it "the holiday drink" and I vow to have one weekly. Maybe. Maybe I shouldn't. No, no - I definitely should.

What I'm listening to: Dogs - Page France
What I'm excited for today: drinking coffee out of my new coffee cup! haha.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Song: Hypnotic Regressions

We recorded a new song! Our intention was to make a grunge song, after a night of listening to a bunch of Talulah Gosh & Beat Happening. Instead, we ended up with somethin' pretty surfy soundin'. Not what we intended, but we like how it turned out!

Have a listen! (If the player isn't loading, you can click here to go listen at soundcloud)

We named the song Hypnotic Regressions and the lyrics were inspired by this strange book I found at a used book store a few weeks ago, called "You Were Born Again To Be Together - Documented cases of reincarnation that prove love is immortal". It was written in 1976, by this hypnotist from Arizona who uses regressive hypnosis to send people into their past lives. The book is like, a series of interiews with people he put under hypnosis, from the perspective of their past lives where they first met their significant other. I don't know how accurate it is, but it was a really interesting read! I like to read it when I'm feeling blue, haha. Here's a picture of the book:

(click here for lyrics.)

We have a couple other songs in the works. We just scored a really sweet casio at our secret thrift store the other day, so we're gonna try to make a super beepy keyboard song tonight. huzzah!

Anyway, hope you like our song! it was super fun.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

October Blog & Project Planner!

It's been a week since I've updated, yikes! I just started my new job as a preschool teacher assistant, and this first week kind of wiped me out, so I didn't have time for the blog - just sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. It takes a crazy amount of energy to keep up with a classroom full of little ones. They're so darned cute, though!

I really wanted to have this stuff ready for you guys last week, but time just completely got away from me. I didn't make a printable version this month - just some editable PDF files. I included one new page, though! I found that, while using the planner for September, I ended up thinking of a million things for October, with nowhere to jot it down, so to remedy that, I made an "Ideas for next month" page, haha. Also, you can print the PDF pages out if you want, but the colors will probably be a little wonky because I saved them with an RGB color profile, not CMYK.

Here's a little sneak peek of the desktop calendar and the planner pages:

These are the links that will take you to MediaFire,
where you can download the planner & desktop calendars:
CLICK HERE to download the planner: OCTOBER
CLICK HERE to download the desktop calendars: OCTOBER

Happy planning!! :)


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