Who is stoic & pariah?
         We're a couple of people who like to make stuff. Our real names are Franklin & Elizabeth. We just got married, and so far it has proven to be quite awesome. Elizabeth is the visual artsy crafty sort, and Franklin makes beepy-sweet jangly music. We like to collaborate, and teach each other stuff. This blog is where we share what we make, document our projects, and explore our creative do-it-yourselfy sides.

We also have an etsy shop under the name stoic & pariah, where we sell our cute & quirky brooches and things. Elizabeth started making brooches to go with her many cardigans, and decided to open up shop and make them for you, too. (check it out!).

(Franklin also makes music by himself, under the guise of Project Nemo - check it out here.)

Thanks for reading!
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