Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wedding Planning is crazy stuff!

Hello, world! We haven't really made anything lately 'cause all our time and money has been going to planning our wedding which is coming up really fast. The end of April! So much to do before then, ahhh!!!

I figured, just because we're consumed by this wedding planning stuff, doesn't mean we should COMPLETELY neglect our blog! So I'm gonna start updating more regularly, only, pretty much ALL of my posts from now until mid-May are going to be wedding related, most likely. After that, we should be back on track. Working on music & fixing up our bikes and possibly maybe finding a new place to live - this place was HUGE when we didn't have any furniture, haha. Now it's starting to feel a little cramped :/

Anyway, onto wedding stuff!

I made invitations to send out to the people that haven't RSVP'd already, and people that we don't keep in contact with regularly enough to relay all those important tidbits of information to, like what TIME it's at! haha. I had almost forgotten. So anyway, with the invitations, I repeated elements that were in the save the dates I made a few months ago, and I really wanted them to be shaped like Washington. They were printed on cardstock, scored, folded & hand-cut by yours truly. What a pain in the neck!

Do you like my fancy blur-out-the-detail skills? I just get paranoid sometimes, is all! haha. Now I just have to remember to drop them in the mailbox tomorrow. Such a small step, but so crucial! I wish I wasn't so horrible at putting things in the mailbox, haha.

More wedding planning junk to follow soon,
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