Monday, January 20, 2014

Rectangles + Squares

City-dwellers are we! We're going to try to take more pictures of our current surroundings, because there's an awful lot of wonderfully aged buildings around here and stuff. I can't believe we haven't been doing that already. Also, we're trying to be a little more involved in the artsy community. We've gone to a few open mics (without participating - 'cause we got too nervous!) and we want to start going to more events and stop being such reclusive shut-ins, haha.

We're finally getting involved with some creative projects again! Our friend Carlos, in Seattle, is putting together a sweet old-time inspired talk show, and he asked Franklin to make music for it! They're working on the pilot episode right now, which is going to be live + televised at the Columbia City Theater in Seattle. I've helped Franklin cover a Twin Peaks song for a bit they're doing, and it was super fun putting it together (click here to listen to our casiotone + melodica cover of Angelo Badalamenti's Dance of the Dream Man). Franklin's been working on new songs left + right, and it's super awesome to see him working on creative stuff again!

Similarly, I was just contacted by an old friend to put something together for a booth at an art show they're putting together in my hometown. I decided to showcase my brooches on vintage-fabric stretched over embroidery hoops, so the brooches can live as art on a wall, or removed and worn on your sweater, if ya want. I've got to get working on more brooches, though, because my selection has almost sold out! haha. My etsy shop only has one brooch left!

It's seriously crazy, and super exciting :)

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