Saturday, May 11, 2013

Musical Meet + Greet

Last weekend we invited various musician friends to our house to play a song or two, and to discuss how everyone creates their individual noises. 

My primary goal of the night was to gain various perspectives on the music-making process, and document the night with my 8-track, record everything from 2 overhead mics, with 2 separate camcorders (a tablet (horrible video!), and Sony Cybershot (actually not too bad!)), and put everything together throughout the week on Elizabeth's mac. 

...We did everything but the music-making discussion.  Not so bad! But next time, I'm thinking I should probably be a bit more "hostly", and direct the events to hold more discourse.  I think everyone would agree, that was an important aspect that was sorely missing.  We got some sweet footage though, and I had a great time both during the event, and throughout the week, learning how to use imovie.

Meet n' Greet montage
this is a song Elizabeth and I made a while back, that had been on the back burner for a while.  Everyone was kind enough to jump in, and we had a short song with most everyone participating!  We didn't have a whole lot of footage from that performance, so I put together a "teaser trailer" of sorts, to accompany the song.

Leaf Colors
Jeremy came by, and played a few songs!  We weren't able to get much footage from all the songs he played (technical difficulties/rapt attention), but luckily we we able to capture "Tatooine Blues", one of my favorites.  Scotty couldn't stop talking about Jeremy after the night wound down.

Sea Hearts
Justin and Tim got together and wrote this song over the course of 2 practices prior to the Meet!  This kinda has an Iggy Pop turned gansta feel to it.  Haha, I'm excited to hear what they come up with next!

 Red Hot Buckshot
I've known Ben (dreads), since high school, but it was my first time meeting brothers Jon and Jared.  They all played a slew of songs, solo and in a group, but I think this was my favorite.  Jon had this Darby Crash meets Joey Ramone kinda sound that I really dug.  This song has been in my head all week!

stoic + pariah
And finally Elizabeth and I played a song we made about a History Channel series called "Ancient Aliens" haha.  We were kinda obsessed with the show for about a week.  Enough to write a song about it.

I'd like to hold the event again, with maybe more people, and a firmer course towards the discussion of the music-making process.  Less wine for me! Maybe in a month or 2, be on the lookout for a lame documentary-style video(s), based around the musically-inclined friends and acquaintances we have from around the Puget Sound.



  1. Had such a good time. I really hope to be involved in the next event. A small positive art community....who would have thought?_jon

    1. Thanks Jon! It was awesome meeting you and your brother. I would definitely like to hit you guys up for the next Meet if you're interested. Also, Hit me up if you or your brother are interested in a dirty garage rock side project!


  2. This is so great, guys!!! We need more quality people like you who make creative people who are sometimes hermits (well, I know I am) come together.

    1. We are such big time hermits! Sometimes I feel like I have to force myself to get in social situations. But it's totally worth it, being able to meet such creative folks.



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