Saturday, January 26, 2013

Of Changing Names

Sweater: j.crew
Top: handmade
Skirt: thrifted
Shoes: rockport
Brooch: stoic & pariah (Record Player Brooch)

I finally changed my last name! It's so weird that the last name I was born with, and identified with for 24 years, has just been expelled from my legal name and replaced with a new one. Also, it's surprisingly difficult to change one's signature. My first name gets scribbled so effortlessly, and sloppily, while my new last name stands out all self-aware and awkward. I'll get the hang of it eventually, and make it mine, but right now I'm still adjusting, haha.

In other news: I had a surprisingly good experience with the DMV today. Is that a rare occurence or what? I've spent my life believing in that universal truth - that all people who work at the DMV are inexplicably grumpy & mean. But today, I had a really nice, friendly old guy help me with my license renewal, and I was so shocked! That was, until I had to go see the lady that takes the pictures, and she lived up to my previous expectations of a DMV employee, haha - what a crank!

What I'm listening to: Let Me Go Home - Camera Obscura
What I'm drinking: PORT!


Saturday, January 5, 2013

What I wore today: Franklin's Sweater

Today we went to this grange, where we got married back in April, to take some pictures. I lost my engagement ring right after the ceremony, so we poked around in the grass to see if we could find it. We didn't. But that's okay, 'cause it served its purpose, right? Oh, but that would have been SO awesome if we found it, haha.
button-up shirt: Nordstrom -thrifted
wool skirt: American Eagle -thrifted
black tie: stolen long ago from my older brother (and I think he got in NJROTC, haha)
brown oxfords: Rockport -thrifted
green sweater: Challenger -borrowed from Franklin, but also thrifted!

I love old buildings. Mossy steps & rusty railings. It looks a little neglected, but it's definitely well-loved. The Rexville Grange, ahh. It has so much history, and so many people in the community have a really strong connection to it. I'm so glad we got married here, because now we have a connection to it, too :) huzzah! Someone at the corner store told my parents that the place is haunted, but we haven't heard anything besides that. There ARE some weird orb things in some of our wedding pictures though! haha. Who knows.

What I'm listening to: Black Sand - Jenny Lewis
What I'm drinking: leftover boxed wine from new year's eve, yes!

Have a lovely night, my dears!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1960s Cocktail Party Fun!

For New Year's Eve, we threw a 1960s cocktail party at our house. It was so much fun! Low lighting, old records constantly a-spin, and toothpick-stabbed appetizers galore. We scored a fancy metal cocktail shaker at the thrift store, to make fancy things like manhattans and martinis. (But I ended up just drinking spiced rum & coke all night, heehee!)
Most of our friends play music, so we cleared out the living room and set up all our music equipment so we could have a sort of open mic with all our friends. (My favorite part of the night was when Franklin & our friend Henry played weezer songs from the blue album. Oh, sweet nostalgia.)

A video of our friends Jeremy (Leaf Colors)&  Henry (The Fortnight) playing Auld Lang Syne. It is so much fun to listen to drunk people play music. It's all sorts of chaotic hollering and clattering madness, I love it. I hope you all had a great New Year's Eve! My resolution is to be more social, and go on more adventures. What about you guys?

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