Monday, May 6, 2013

Ferry Fotos

What happens when you miss your ferry and get stuck waiting in your car for hours? Ya read a lot, and eat a lot of snacks, and take outfit photos in the car! I probably could have found a sweet rocky beach to take outfit photos, but it was windy, and short skirts + wind are a terrible combination, so I stayed safe inside the hull of my vessel :)

1. Crocheted hair bows I started making. I think I might sell 'em in the shop, and super cheap, 'cause it doesn't take me forever to make them, like the brooches do.
2. A view from the ferry dock.
3. I like wearing lots of brooches at once. It makes me feel like a scout, like I earned a bunch of merit badges or something. I'm wearing a crochet fiend badge of honor (like this one, in the shop), and a pie brooch that I kept from the twin peaks series I did last year.
4. Franklin, finishing up Clash of the Kings. He's so far ahead of me :( Now he's in the middle of the third book, and I can't catch up. Sigh!



  1. Elizabeth, you are just too cute! Love this post and your adorable crochet bow. Just so lovely. By the way- just finished your letter and will be sending it out tomorrow, yay! So excited for you to get it :) Hope you are having a great week!


    1. Aww, thank you Alyssa ;D I'm so excited to get your letter! :) and I'm already excited to write you back, heehee. I hope you're having a good week, too!

  2. You are just so pretty in red, little lady! I've been away and am just catching up on your blog. Happy anniversary for the week before last! x

  3. I LOVE Game of Thrones! I've only read the first book, but I'm obsessed with the show (who isn't?) and am hoping the read more of the books this summer. You look fantastic in red here! That bow is adorable too :)


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