Sunday, October 6, 2013

We got a scooter.

We figured we ought to take advantage of living in a downtown area and get this sweet scooter we've had our eye on for a while. It's a 1984 Suzuki FA-50, and it's so cute! I'm still too scared to drive faster than 10 mph, so people hate me on the road, haha. I love it, though, so I'll keep riding until I'm comfortable. Franklin, on the other hand, is a natural. He's gonna start using it to get to work! I wish I were that cool, haha. But I'm not. I did take lots of pictures with it, though! haha. Also, we decided to name it Milo. Perhaps, if we ever get another one (which, we want to!) we'll name that one Otis, heehee. I hope you get the reference. I watched that movie on VHS so much that the tape broke.

It reminds me of the Mobylette that Nino Quincampoix rides in Amelie, sigh! Which makes me all the more smitten with it. Unfortunately, our little guy has weight restrictions, so we can't ride two up on it, like they do in my favorite scene in Amelie, ahh! Maybe we can break the rules for just a few seconds? Just to satisfy that daydream, maybe. Yes.

Well, it's a really nice day, so we're going to take turns riding around, and maybe hit up the nearby arcade. BY THE WAY, I am like, super obsessed with pinball now. So I've been wearing a fanny-pack filled with quarters all week! Okay, well, have a great weekend, guys!


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