Sunday, May 12, 2013

Take a Trip: Our stay at Doe Bay

Ahh, Doe Bay. I miss it already. Franklin made a sweet video with the footage we got on our anniversary trip last month. I think video-editing/film-making is becoming his new favorite hobby, heehee. It's so fun to film+edit, and I'm so happy that we have another thing we both enjoy and can share and work on together. Here's the sweet little video he put together:

Location: Doe Bay Resort & Retreat
Music: One of a Very Few of a Kind - Of Montreal

I love capturing video of our adventures - it's like we get to relive our memories every time we watch 'em. I have a bunch of video I took when we lived in California for a short while, and it's so nostalgically satisfying to be able to watch those bits and pieces from that almost-forgotten part of our past. Our memories are fallible and become skewed over time, but video is typically objective and honest, so you can trust it better than your own noggin sometimes. It reminds me of this quote from the movie Slacker, haha.

Anyway, that's all I have to share today. I've been trying to stick to brooch-making this weekend. A shop-owner in Poulsbo contacted me about selling my cat lady brooches in her store, on consignment, so I'm workin' extra hard to get that ready to go. I've never made so many brooches at once before, it's crazy.



  1. Gaaah! This is way too cute! My dude and I are going on a fancy little adventure/trip for our fourth anniversary tomorrow. I just might have to try my hand at creating a video like this! :)

    1. aw, thanks! and, you should! it's so fun :) happy anniversary, by the way!!! I hope you two have fun on your adventure!!! :)

  2. I know this is sort of weird- but I actually started to cry watching your video- it's just so sweet and adorable! I think you have inspired me to make movies with Daniel, actually. Now, I really want to! All we have is a camera, (not a video camera) but I think we could record at least a few minutes of video- so I think that's good to start out. I love this, really! So sweet, Elizabeth. Congrats on the cat lady brooches, too! They are so so adorable, you are such a talented lady!


    1. awwwww :) that's not weird - it's so sweet :) heehee.

      and, the camera we use for video is just our digital camera (sony cybershot?), so we don't have a camcorder either. what we REALLY want is the newest canon rebel, 'cause that takes AMAZING video. it's so expensive though, sigh!!

      and thank you thank you :) I'd really like to send you a brooch with your next letter. do you have a favorite color?? :)

    2. Omigoodness, you are too sweet!!! My favorite color is yellow, and I love pink and yellow together :) (pink, yellow and lgreen are my favorites :D) Did you get your letter yet? The mail lady said probably Monday or Tuesday! Hope you enjoy it! I was thinking last night though- and I realized I don't think I asked you any questions in my letter, I'm so sorry! The next one will def. have questions, haha. :)

  3. This video is so lovely & cute so I just can't ! You guys seems like perfect couple. That place looks like fairy tale tho *_*

  4. The video is so cute - and I have never heard of doe bay but it looks downright adorable!

    <3 katherine / of corgis & cocktails

  5. What a fun anniversary trip! Videos are a really great way to re-live the good times. I need to bring out my video camera more often.

    P.S. You asked about the fabric I used in my skirt. It's from Joann's. :)


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