Sunday, July 8, 2012

Farmhouse Photos: The Living Room

We have officially moved! Whew. I forgot how much I hate moving. It was definitely worth the pain of moving to get out of our tiny little apartment and into this ridiculously huge farmhouse. We're still working on unpacking. Slowly, but surely. More pictures to come, but for now, here's our living room:

1. one of my favorite parts of the house - a nice little spot for listening to records, underneath the "love is awesome" chalkboard we made for our wedding. Plants love records and records love plants. On the bottom shelf is a jar with dirt and twigs that Franklin sent me when we were writing letters.  A little piece of Washington that I've carried with me since!

2. Our little fireplace nook turned bookshelf. I spy lots of sci-fi. And, yes, that is a copy of Dungeons & Dragons for Dummies. 3. My golden owl collection, keeping a close eye on the books.

We're still working on my craft room. It's a complete and utter catastrophe at the moment, but I'll post up some pictures once things are in working order. It's pretty sad how we're so easily able to fill a 4 bedroom farm-house with all of the stuff we managed to cram into our super tiny one-bedroom apartment. I think it's about that time we watch a few episodes of hoarders to scare ourselves into a purging frenzy. I say this, of course, right before we head out the door to hit up some thrift stores, haha.

Anyway! Now that we're done with moving, I suppose we haven't really got an excuse to neglect this blog like we have been. Thanks for sticking around!



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  2. It looks great! I can't wait to move out of our small apartment into something bigger. Your little record area looks so sweet.

    Blankets is one of my favorites! It's always cool to see familiar books in home pictures.

    1. blankets, yes! :)

      and, oh man. upgrading from an apartment is crazy. we're like, uh.... what do we do with all this space? for now, CARTWHEELS!


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