Sunday, July 15, 2012

A sweet paint job

I bought this knick-knack shelf at the thrift store about a month ago, with the intention to give it a make-over. Today, I finally did. I come across shelving like this all the time at the thrift store, but they're usually pretty beat up. This one was no exception, haha. With some craft paint & some contact paper, I covered up all the rough bits and prettied it up a bit. I'm actually quite pleased with how it turned out.


-vintage floral contact paper, preferably... (I used up the last of what I had, too. drats!)
-mustard yellow paint (I just use the cheap craft paint you can get for a dollar)
-sponge brush
-hammer (for removing replacing nails in the back, to take the back panel off)

I like using the sponge brush, 'cause you can dab the paint on and avoid those dreaded streaks and lines of paint that you tend to get with a paintbrush (time consuming, but worth it if you despise paint streaks like I do!). You can remove that chipboard panel on the back by prying the nails out with the back end of a hammer. Then, apply your favorite contact paper, and nail it back on!


Hooray for adding more kitschy cuteness to my work-space. I think I'll use it to display my finished brooches, maybe. I left the drawers the way they were 'cause the wood-grain really pulled it all together. Anyway! I'm excited to do this to more things, heehee.



  1. it turned out so lovely! i love the color you chose with the contact paper. i wish i would come across some vintage floral contact paper....

    1. thanks! :) and, yeah, I don't come across any awesome contact paper like that too often, sadly. and it's even sadder when I use it all up! sigh.


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