Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Future Projects!

I never like to start new projects when I've got some obligation that needs immediate attention -- in the case for this month, it's been MOVING. I'm really bad at packing to move. I spend a lot of time sitting and staring, or trying to memorize where I put every little thing. "Okay... I need to remember... that this little scrap of fabric... is going right here." Sigh! The process of packing things into boxes, which shouldn't take long at all, has taken me all of a month. But we're making the move in two days! So after that, we can finally commence to makin' stuff!

The project that I have at the top of my list is a video project I wanna work on with Franklin. When we were doing the long-distance-relationship thing, Franklin and I made a bunch of songs for each other. The ones I made were ridiculously short and embarrassingly silly, but, I really want to go back to those songs we made each other and make videos for them - together!

Here is the first one I made him, and the first one we'll make a new video for:

"good things"

I didn't have any sort of audio program on my computer, so I used iMovie to piece together audio tracks so I could have multiple tracks playing at once. The problem with using iMovie, though, was that the end product was a video, not an mp3 file! So I had to lazily whip up some videos to accompany the songs, so I could send them to him via youtube. They're pretty awful. I was watching a lot of sesame street with my nephew around the time I made this video, if you couldn't tell. I still want to incorporate the sock puppet theme into the new video for this song but maybe use something a little less creepy. Yes, I put lipstick on my sock -- and, no, it didn't wash out. I mean, what else was I supposed to do?


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