Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wedding stuff: our CD wedding favors


Mix CD wedding favors, what what! We wanted to make mix tapes instead, but that would have taken SO long, and we just didn't have enough time. I drew this up in pen, colored it in with crayons and then made photo-copies in black & white, on cream colored paper, and glued them onto paper disc sleeves. Some might call it hokey, but I call it love. I feel like I'm some sort of a recovering perfectionist, or something. An imperfectionist? uh, sure. So I dig it alright.

Every good mix has a beginning, middle, and end. This mix wasn't our best, but we wanted it to include what we listened to on our drive down to California, what we listened to during the short period that we lived there, and finally, what we listened to on our way back up to Washington. We both have eerily similar taste in music (and everything else for that matter), and Franklin's first gift to me a long long time ago was this really amazing mix CD, which he named, "From the Land of the Mole People". Through it, I was introduced to a lot of my favorite bands. So a mix-CD wedding favor seemed pretty fitting for us. I think you might have to sign up on before it'll let you access it, but you oughta LISTEN TO IT --> (Click here and you can listen to it while you click around on the internet!)

a compilation of neato songs from Franklin + Elizabeth

"excuses" the morning benders
"january wedding" the avett brothers
"good grief" nedelle
"i want the world to stop" belle & sebastian
"punk rock girl" the dead milkmen
"tail and mane" cryptacise
"fools" the dodos
"family waves" dinosaur feathers
"youth" beach fossils
"slow jabroni" surfer blood
"honey in the sun" camera obscura
"august" rilo kiley
"only you" the platters
"you are what you love" jenny lewis + the watson twins
"our angel's ululu" deerhoof
"on the drive home" of montreal
"white winter hymnal" fleet foxes
"rainbow connection" laura stevenson + dave davidson
"in the aeroplane over the sea" neutral milk hotel
"untitled" neutral milk hotel

You can listen to the compilation HERE (sans of montreal + rainbow connection)


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