Friday, June 1, 2012

Wedding Stuff: The Reception Table

I am pretty much in love with this vintage suitcase -- and it was only 15 bucks!!! We used it as an "envelope box" and it doubled as a pretty sweet decoration for the reception table, too. Isn't it beautiful? heehee.

Back when Franklin and I were writing each other letters, he bought this really old typewriter, and we wanted to use that instead of a guest book (and it would have looked so perfect next to that suitcase!) but that didn't work out, unfortunately. So I sketched up some stuff, made some copies on card stock, and had it spiral-bound at Staples. Last minute guest book, success! Have a look:

We wanted it to feel more like a children's activity book than a guest book, so people could actually have some fun with it (I know I would personally be all over drawing things between fern fronds!). It was fun to see all the drawings people left for us. I almost forgot to leave a pen out, though! Oops. My 2-year-old nephew left us a page full of scribbles, and it nearly made me melt. So glad we went with a guest book instead of a typewriter!



  1. I love this guestbook! Would you be willing to make another one? I would love to have something like this at my wedding and would even pay you money and stuff.

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  3. Where did you purchase the vintage luggage?

    1. I've been looking for one for a really long time, so this was a very lucky find! I got it at the goodwill in nearby Everett, WA. Usually when I come across sweet-looking vintage luggage, there's mildew inside, but this one was in pretty good condition! If you don't want to scour the thrift stores in hopes of finding something in good shape (it could take a while before you find something), I recommend checking out vintage shops on etsy, because they do all the treasure-hunting for ya :)

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