Monday, June 4, 2012

Wedding Stuff: the bouquet

So, this was my bouquet! On the way back home, it was crushed, sadly. but I'm going to mend it, and hold onto it forever, I think. I feel too emotionally invested, haha. I made the paper roses using this tutorial I found here on 100 layer cake. Instead of just using pages from a book, I used tea-stained graph paper, pages of vintage magazines, super old sheet music and vintage maps of the Pacific Northwest. I added a feather, felt flowers and lace for color and texture, and you can't see it in the picture, but the handle is wrapped in burlap. So itchy!

This is definitely a time-consuming and frustrating project, but pretty rewarding in the end! :) 'specially 'cause it doesn't die on ya, like real flowers do! ;)



  1. It's soo beautiful

  2. v.late to the party but I have to comment: this is awesome - you really made it your own :)


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