Friday, June 8, 2012

Wedding stuff: the cake topper

Wedding posts are almost over! haha. Just a couple more details to share with you.

the cake topper:

We bought the cake at a local bakery in Everett, and it almost didn't survive the hour trip in the car, haha. I maybe kinda took a really sharp turn on the way to the wedding, and we almost lost the top tier - oops! haha.

The topper, we made out of some wooden pegs we got at the craft store, and I made my cake-topper "bouquet" out of the little discs of paper you get from hole-punching paper, haha. Then, the night before, I threw together a cake-sized pennant banner out of skewers, twine, and tea-stained graph paper. Oh, and hot glue! Boy, did that little hot glue gun come in handy. If you have a wedding on the horizon, I definitely recommend bringing a hot glue gun with you, just in case anything decides to disassemble before your eyes, haha.

I wonder if people actually use those plastic cookie-cutter cake toppers they sell in stores. You know, the ones where they haven't been updated since the early 90s, and the bride is always blonde? They always look so serious and stiff. Hmm.



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