Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Book & Quote brooches, yay!

I finally added some new brooches to the shop! I just started a new "Book & Quote" brooch set series, but I've only made one so far. It's a book I first read in seventh grade, and it's been one of my favorites ever since... On the Road, by Jack Kerouac:

I have no clue what to do next, though. Walden, maybe? That's pretty classic, and up there in my favorites. I'd look to Franklin's book collection for inspiration, but it's all sci-fi and fantasy, haha. Don't get me wrong, I like sci-fi and fantasy every once in a while, but I don't know how many people want to sport The Dragon Reborn on their lapel, hahaha.


**Custom orders are welcome, by the way. Especially regarding book & quote sets! just shoot me an email at lizzy.sadile[at]gmail.com

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