Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fun with Film

Some pictures Franklin took on his Pentax SLR, with 35mm film:

1. Mt. Rainier 2. Firepit sans the fire 3. Dinner with ghosts.

(I lost that brooch I'm wearing in the last picture. It was my favorite...what a bummer. )

We stayed in a cabin at the base of Mt. Rainier. It was so awesome on the inside! Dream house, for sure. I'd like to go back with friends sometime - split the bill & stay up late talking and drinking under the stars. There was an attic bedroom that was so cozy! I want it. I love houses with lots of little nooks for sitting and reading, and windows to let in all the heavily cloud-filtered daylight we get here in the Northwest. Every bit of light helps - even if it's all cold and grey.

In other news: We're moving! Only about 10 miles North, but it's going to be awesome. Moving pictures are bound to follow. I'm going to miss our dusty little apartment!


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