Friday, December 28, 2012

Of Erasers and Tracing Paper

Tracing paper is my best friend. I've been working on a children's book the last few days - trying to take advantage of my time off from work. I'm done with writing, and just started illustrating! I've just got a few rough sketches, but here's what the last few days have looked like to me:

Erasers are also my best friend, haha. Oh, and it's going to be SUPER short, in terms of text. It's about feeling like nobody gets you, and having crappy self esteem, because those are things I struggled with a lot that were never addressed anywhere, so, yeah! It has a happy ending, though. I'm gonna scan it all in and color it digitally in photoshop. I just get too scared to go at it with paint and pen - so permanent! My goal was to have a complete self-published copy finished before I turn 25 - which is on February 5th - so I gotta get a move on. Wish me luck! :)



  1. Very very cool! Your illustrations are really neat, and I can really relate to the context.. I just turned 25, too! Sorry that I never got around to those questions, I feel so bad, I got really busy with the Holidays!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that your New Year's was also super nice. I am trying to immerse myself back into the blog world, wish me luck :D

    1. aw, thank you! and, don't feel bad! I got busy with the holidays too, so I'm also trying to re-immerse myself into the blog world! it's hard when your free time is scarce, but with the holidays behind us, it should get easier, haha ;D


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