Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sewing... With Gusto!

Franklin & I decided that, at least once a week, we'd both teach each other something. Yesterday, I taught him how to use a sewing machine. He was a pretty quick learner! and also learned quickly, that one must respect and, above all, FEAR the sewing machine. She is a fickle & vicious machine, she is.

He even mastered the slow-and-steady pedal move. It was amazing.

He learned how to wind a bobbin, thread the needle, pull up the bobbin thread (I'm sure that action has its own fancy verb, but I don't know it), and he even learned how to follow curves! haha. Anyway, enough praise for Franklin. Here's a picture of the bobbin he wound, a piece of practice fabric so he could feel the mighty & unforgiving power of the sewing machine, and the finished product: a very creepy bunny that we named Oliver. We were listening to deerhoof when he made him, if that's any explanation for the way he looks.

and here's one more picture of Oliver, being all creepy & stuff:

Next, Franklin's gonna teach me to play the drums! teehee. Quietly, though, 'cause we are apartment dwellers. Oh, and, tonight... I wasn't going to let anyone know, but, tonight he's gonna teach me how to play Magic the Gathering. Increase my nerd value, I guess.


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