Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Overwhelmed with Save-the-Dates

We finally got our save-the-date postcards back! I sent the design out a few weeks ago, to be printed, but our frugality drove the decision to go with the cheapest shipping, so we just got them a few days ago. They turned out pretty well, for the price!

So, yes. This is the save-the-date I designed, with crucial information blurred, for the sake of privacy (and surprise, for the people gettin' one!):

We have been gathering addresses and filling out save-the-dates all weekend. It is a little on the overwhelming side. We just need a few more addresses and we'll be ready for a trip to the post office. Hooray!

Also, I read that, typically, if a save-the-date is sent out, an invitation should be sent out later as well. I guess I don't understand the necessity of that. Would it be completely weird if I only sent out save-the-dates and skipped the invitation nonsense? It seems sufficient to me, anyway! Plus, if I can cut any corners, I WILL. I'd rather have more money to feed and entertain at the wedding, than waste on additional printing and postage.


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