Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Birthday Happy-Song

Franklin and I made a birthday-song for his sister today, and then we made a video complete with stop-motion animation, subliminal cat footage, and socially awkward lions.

Here it is:

instruments: flutophone, ukulele, bongos & tambourine

Franklin's sister Lindsey has her birthday a day before mine, and, a few years ago we kinda started this unofficial tradition where we'd leave each other homemade birthday songs via voicemail, since our birthdays are so close. Franklin & I thought it'd be fun to make something more substantial this year. We hope she likes it!

and we hope you dig it, too!



  1. Elizabeth!!!! Your little song is sooo cute :) I hope you got my package! I sent it last week, if not you should be getting it soon :) Sorry it took so long to write back but I hope you enjoy it!!!

    Much love!

  2. Oh!!! And just noticed it was your birthday, so happy birthday! I hope it was fabulous :) xo


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