Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wishlist No.1 : Desk Set

My first wishlist, ever! It's more time consuming than it looks, people. and I have so many TABS open! haha. It was fun - though I'm afraid that making wishlists might lead to lots of online shopping that I really can't afford. If I can just stop eating, maybe I can afford more pretty dresses? haha.

this wooden kitty tape dispenser from the sewing post. so cute!
2. this handmade leather watch is too darling. I haven't worn a watch in so long, but I need to know the time, at all times, to function properly - especially working at a preschool! snack time, lunch time, nap time. (Nap time is my favorite.)
3. I need this book strap! I really do. It's too cute.
4. This peach print dress is so perfect. click the link to see the cute cute bows on the back, ahhh. It's so adorable, I'm dying.
5. This copper sweater is way out of my budget, but that's what wish lists are for, right? Wishing. I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for this color cardigan at thrift store.
6. I love me a cute, rugged pair of moccasins. I have a feeling I'll be purchasing these before the end of the day, haha.


In other news: We're going to see Camera Obscura tonight! I'm so excited that my excitement has turned into anxiety, haha. But seriously, I'm so excited. I'm pretty much in love with Tracyanne Campbell, and tonight I'm going to see her with my own eyes, heehee!

PS: I'm working on a brooch for my first giveaway ever! Stay tuned, ya'll.


  1. The kitty dispenser and the dress! Way too cute!

  2. Oh my goodness, that kitty dispenser is so cute!


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