Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lazing in the grass.

Splotchy-print dress: Marshalls
Beaded leather western belt: Thrifted
Moccs: Minnetonka

I have had an obsession with shirt dresses lately. Also, I decided to keep my high five brooch, because I'm in love with it. I'll make more for the shop, but for now, this baby's all mine. In other news, I laid in the grass today, for the first time in years. I'm usually too scared of this worst-case-scenario that I might happen to lay down on an angry wasp, or a poisonous spider, but today, I laid in the grass and conquered my fear! Or, rather, suspended my fear. for like a minute.

Also, I am so full of Filipino baked goods and milk tea right now. I am a happy girl.
Now I'm gonna go read & fall asleep.


PS: meditating is good for you.


  1. mmmm Filipino baked goods and milk tea. I finally found milk tea here in Indiana. Now I have to work on the baked goods.

    1. oh my god, pan de ube. so delicious. I wonder if it would hold up in the mail.... haha! I could send you some pan de ube. they always mysteriously lack any sort of expiration date on the packaging, haha... perhaps they last forever.

  2. You are so absolutely adorable :) This post makes me very happy! By the way- I don't remember if I told you or not, but I did receive your letter and am working on your letter back! :) I just temporarily misplaced it so I am trying to go on memory to answer all of your questions :D I am sure I will find it soon. But I will do my very best to get your letter out this week, so fun to have you as a pen pal! :)


    1. Yay! :) I'm super excited!! :) I bought a typewriter so I could type up letters to you with it! While writing you letter, I learned that it HURTS to write! hahaha. I don't do it often enough, and when I do, oh my goodness. I feel like an old lady with arthritis. so typewriter it is :) I'm excited to get your letter!!! lemme know if you need my address again! I'm assuming it was misplaced with the letter!


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