Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunny Days and Beehives

Pink dress: TJ Maxx (the brand is three ena)
Mustard cardigan: J. Crew
Shoes: Minnetonka
Hair bow: Anykind
Tote: Chronicle Books tote illustrated by Mike Perry

Sunny days were made for big, lopsided beehives, I think. I don't know about you, but big hair seems to make everything feel more fun, somehow. I just got this dress - isn't it lovely? I rarely buy clothes that aren't from a thrift store, haha, but I decided to pop into TJ Maxx out of curiousity, and found this beauty. It was the last one in my size, and it was only 20 bucks. super score! It's comfy and dainty at the same time, and the scalloped edges around the buttons are so cute!

Also, while I was in my backyard with Franklin, taking pictures in the sun, I found this rubber bouncy ball that I lost a few months ago. Here's a picture of me triumphantly catching it after bouncing it super high!:

I will never get too old to enjoy bouncy balls. or bubbles. I effing LOVE blowing bubbles. My favorite part of doing the dishes, is cleaning the spatula, 'cause the grates are perfect for blowing gigantic bubbles, ha! Nothing is quite as satisfying as blowing a bubble that's larger than your head, haha. I meant to be more productive this weekend, and post some pictures of different projects, but I ended up getting sick again so I was pretty lazy this weekend. Lots and lots of napping. Working at a preschool = being sick ALL THE TIME. This is the main reason I don't update as often as I'd like, but hopefully my immune system will be pretty bad-ass after a while? I hope so.

What I'm listening to: Bewitched - Beat Happening



  1. the dress is adorable! and I love pink and mustard together - definitely something I'd wear! except for the big hair - not cause I don't want to, but because it just won't be big :)

    1. aw, thank you! :) and, haha, yeah, I tried a beehive back when my hair was still really short, and, well, it didn't really work out very well, haha.

  2. This is so super cute Elizabeth :) I would love to try a beehive- I wonder how it would look with my hair..haha! Thanks for the inspiration :)


    1. oh, you should!! you would look soooo cute with a beehive :) especially paired with one of your sweet 60s style dresses! and thank you!! :) I hope I see you in a beehive soon! ;D


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