Saturday, March 23, 2013

Nifty Thrifty Finds

We went to the Goodwill outlet today. Oh my goodness. Have you ever been to their outlet stores? They have huge amounts of various thrift store matter, thrown into huge plastic bins that customers dig through like squealing pigs at a freshly-filled trough. It's a madhouse. Franklin sticks to the electronics and I stick to the book bins, because the other bins are filled with questionable things, and it begins to feel like I'm digging through a dumpster. I always find sweet old books though, and they only charge like 29 cents a pound, I love it.

Here's what I found in the book bin today:

1. Some amazing full-sheet bar-graphs depicting the nutritional value of various school lunch items, hahaha. They were printed in 1980, and I'm seriously in love with them.
2. A beautiful assortment of old graph paper, ahhh.
3. This REALLY incredible mid-century DIY furniture book, and a science book about light & vision that I look forward to reading...WITH MY EYES!

Here's a little peek at the details:

Anyway. I was just so excited, I had to share my findings, haha.

In other news, Franklin has started circuit bending! He buys old keyboards, opens them up, and makes some crazy sounds using wires, a soldering iron and switches and things. He's probably gonna make a post about it soon (finally! when does he ever update this thing anyway?!) and I'm finally going to start jewelry-making again. The spring time makes me all excited for new projects, I love it.

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  1. Ohhh amazing finds! Those bar graphs are incredible. I get so excited looking through the old books too. I always find things that would be perfect to frame and put on the wall but how could anyone tear out pages from those precious books!?

    1. Oh, I know. luckily, those bar graphs are all loose-leaf, so I can frame them without feeling guilty, heehee. and, I love it when I find old mail-in advertisements in super old magazines... like "send 50 cents to this mailing address and we'll give you some high quality asbestos pot holders!" I always like to imagine that if I send in for it now, it will somehow travel back in time to when the offer was still valid :) haha

  2. those graphs are AMAZING. i love finding stuff like that - and never even knowing it existed before finding it. i wish we had a goodwill outlet. didn't eve know there was such a thing.

    1. I know! when I found them, I exclaimed out loud, and surrounded by strangers, "yes!! I don't exactly know what these are, but I'm getting them!" it was a happy moment. oh man, you're in virginia now, right? there's one singular outlet store there. I looked on this list:

      is it near you?

    2. I just found a goodwill outlet about 20 minutes away in virginia beach! and it's not even the one on that list! yay! thanks for sharing that though. i hope i have as much luck there as you did!

  3. i love those graphs! so neat. vintage books are my absolute favorite. and i can't wait to see more jewelry, i love your brooches!


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