Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How My Week Has Been: #1

1. Working like a madwoman on new badge-of-honor brooches. I've added crochet fiend to the collection. I'm trying to come up with other stuff, but I usually just end up making more cat lady brooches, ha!

2. Subconscious paint-dabbing leads to unintentional abstract art, or something. I like to dab the excess paint off my paintbrush and onto a piece of scrap paper whenever I'm painting. It helps keeps those unexpected blobs of paint to a minimum. and I always end up loving the way the "excess paint" pages look in the end. I try to save all of them. I feel like they are the most honest paintings I've ever made, because they aren't made for anyone at all. They aren't even really paintings. I dab the paint wherever I want, and do whatever feels right, without caring how it looks or how it will be perceived by others in the end, because in the end, it'll get thrown in the trash. Or so I think. But I end up keeping them for myself, haha.

3. Days are getting longer. I drive by this sign every day, and they just changed the message to "Days are getting longer!" and it makes me so happy because it's true. The winter is really hard for me. (Seasonal affective disorder and what not.) So when I see this sign on my way home it makes me beam. I love it.

4. Coffee and reading in my car. I spend my mornings before work in my car, drinking REALLY STRONG COFFEE and reading Game of Thrones. I'm such a slow reader, but I'm almost done with the first book! That's like, huge for me. Franklin's already halfway through the second book. I just can't seem to catch up. Maybe I should hide his book somewhere, so he can't read it for a while, bwahaha.


PS: I'm going to try to do one of these posts every week, to keep myself on track, so I don't go weeks without blogging, like I have in the past. Getting off track is the worst :/


  1. Ahhh Elizabeth, I would love to be pen pals! :D Would you like me to email you my address? We can write each other pretty notes with quirky doodles :) I like this little recap on your week, that sign makes me smile too! I can totally relate with the winter, I always tell people that I just get myself through to March and start to feel much better. It's like seeing the ring around the sun, you know brighter days are coming..happy to see that you've been busy with your cute little brooches :)


    1. Oh, yay! :) I'm so excited! :) I'll start your letter ASAP, and if you could send me your address in an email that would be super awesome :) so glad you said yes! :)

      and, oh man, I know. the winters are tough. it's funny when your perspective changes during winter, and the first day it warms up to 50 degrees, it feels SO WARM, haha. it warmed up to about 50 last week, and I was like "ahhh, I think I'll take off my jacket, it's so WARM right now!" haha.

  2. Whaddup Lizzy! Those abstract paintings are making me go oooooh! I love hearing about what's up in your life and I need some kind of structured blog feature like this too. I need some stability in my blog life.

    -Steph x

    1. aw, thanks! :) I think I might have to make a post dedicated solely to my weird paint-dabbed scrap paper collection, haha. and, yeah, I've tried a few different blog features before, that I wanted to do regularly, but they all failed, haha. hopefully this one will prevail :) haha

  3. helloooo :) I feel like such a creeper contacting you through your personal-ish blog, but after you started posting up links through your fb I haven't been able to resist checking this thing out from time to time :} anywho, just wanted to say I enjoy your posts and esp. love all your diy projects


    I really do find your crochet fiend brooch to be super cute, however I am more handy at knitting when it comes to needlework...I would love love love it if you somehow made a knitting badge-of-honor and would happily snatch one up if you ever do decide to materialize my suggestion! I'll even happily buy it as a custom order if it isn't an idea you personally want to associate with your shop!

    Renee C.

    1. Aww, schucks! you make me blush, Renee ;D I'm glad you check out the blog. I'm going to start following yours, even though it looks like you don't use it too much - but you SHOULD!! :) heehee.

      also: YES! I would love to make you a knitting fiend badge-of-honor. lemme know if you want it to say anything instead of "fiend" haha. and if you have a color preference! and I'll get workin' on it asap :) thanks, Renee!! :) and thanks for reading and stuff :)

    2. Oh hooray! thanks for following :) haha, I originally only half-heartedly started up my blog, but...after dipping my toes in tumblr for a while I just might give this blogspot a go. Lots of people (including you) make it seem pretty fun!

      aaaaand I am extremely excited you took me up on my offer for a custom made brooch :DDD I think just about any saying you would come up with would be appropriate...hmmmm...maybe something like "knit junky" or "knit freak"? haha like a play on words, I guess. as for color preferences...I love all colors, I don't discriminate :) the end result is in your hands, though :D

    3. sweet! yeah, I was so bad at updating my tumblr, haha. I like the way blogger is set up, though. It feels like a little community on here :) haha.

      and, yay, I'm excited to get working on your brooch! :) I'll start working on it tonight :)


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