Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lucky Finds: Easel & Gigantic Clipboard

I used to be like, borderline hoarder in my thrifting hey day. No... that's a lie. I definitely WAS a hoarder. I was a really organized and compulsive sort of hoarder, though, if that makes it any more socially acceptable! I've gotten better though, I swear. It super-helps to go to the thrift store with Franklin 'cause he's really good at talking me down from that ledge. He used to work at a thrift store (that's sort of where we met, unofficially) so he's really good at thrifting. He's also really picky, too, and has taught me that being good at thrifting, means being good at not buying everything that catches your fancy. Which is super hard. Unless you're perpetually broke, but that's another story.

These two things, I could not pass up. I bought them independently of each other, but they work so perfectly together! Ack, I can't believe it. A simple (but very solid) easel, and a GIGANTIC clip board!


You can kind of see the price tag on the easel still. I was just really pleased with the price. It's like a badge of honor or something. So there it remains. Actually! That clipboard was only $2.50, because we had a 50% off coupon! Also, there's a little sneak peek at a watercolor I've been working on. I was supposed to finish it about a month ago, but I got sort of stuck on the lettering, so I've been practicing first. It's a second draft of a painting I did last year, based off my "what-a-treat!" comics. what-a-treat! are these one-panel comics about food that I started making about 5 years ago? I need to update my tumblr more often, but here's a link to some of my "what a treat!" comics: click here

Franklin should be posting an update soon, with a new song. He was supposed to do it on Monday so we could start a regular "Monday Music" post (because alliteration is awesome), but we need to re-record it because my vocals were too quiet (oops!). Expect a new (surfy) song soon, though!


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  1. What a steal!!! I'm jealous ;) I've been wanting an easel for years. ♥Lindsay


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